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1. Please deliver your animal between the hours of 9am - 3pm on your scheduled date, if your animal is not here by 3pm we will fill your spot off the cancellation list.

2. If someone else will be delivering your animal for you, please reach out to us prior to your appointment so we can get all of your information and a signed copy of this policy.

3. If you are unable to keep your spot, we require a 7 day notice.

4. Cut sheets for each animal are due at drop off. No animal will be accepted without a completed cut sheet. Each cut sheet is also required to have name, address and phone number.

5. You are required to pick up your meat within 7 business days of being notified that your meat is ready for pick up. If not picked up within 7 business days there will be a charge of $30 per day for storage.

6. After 30 days your meat will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. If you pay with a CC a 3% processing fee will be added.

8. All products must be checked and accounted for prior to you leaving the premises with it. No product can be replaced or fixed once you leave with it.

Our business hours are Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 4pm and Fridays 9am - 1pm

No calls, texts, emails or FB messages will be returned outside of these hours.

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