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Deer Processing

$50.00 Deposit Due at Time of Drop Off


Cash and Credit Card Accepted (3% Fee Added to all CC payments)

We will not accept after hours drop offs

Valid deer tag must be attached to all deer at time of drop off

You must have your hunting license with you at check-in


To help speed the check in process up, we suggest you download the deer cut sheet and have it filled out before you drop off.

Process Fees 

  • Quarter Only                               $35.00

  • Processing Fee                            $65.00

  • Dress Fee                                      $20.00

  • Cape Fee                                       $15.00

  • Full Body Cape Fee                    $20.00

*$10.00 Cooler Charge if bring your deer in skinned, gutted and cleaned*


Basic Processing - $85.00 includes:

Plain burger, Roast, Loins(Whole, Half, Sliced, or Butterflied), and Cube Steak

Burger Options:                                                 Additional Options:

Plain           Included in basic process fee                                  Sliced Jerky Meat           $2.00

Beef Fat (per lb of deer)                      $0.50                               Stew Meat                        $2.00

Pork Fat (per lb of deer)                     $0.50

Bacon (per lb of deer)                         $1.00

Deer Sausage:

Hot, Mild, Maple Avaiable

1 lb Bulk                                  $1.45 lb

Small Links                            $3.00 lb

Cooked and Smoked Products:

Summer Sausage (3 lbs)                               Jerky (1 lb)

       Regular                            $8.00                     Hillbilly                           $12.00                                 Cheese/Jalapeno           $9.00                     Hillbilly Jalapeno          $12.00

Snack Stick (1 lb)                                                   Teriyaki                          $12.00

       Regular                            $8.00

       Cheese/Jalapeno           $9.00

**Entire Deer in Cooked Product (choose up to 3) 

       Dress weight up to 60 lbs - $175.00

        Dress weight over 60 lbs - $200.00

** includes skinning and processing**

Orders must be picked up within 14 days after being notified your order is ready. On day 15 the deer will be donated. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks after you dropped off your deer, please call us to check on your order. Please provide us with a good working phone number at drop off.

Cut sheets must also be filled out at drop off. 

Last Day for all pick-ups will be January 14th 2022. All items will be donated after this date.

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